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What could be more precious than the first few weeks of your child’s life?

My name is Mikaela Morgan and I create beautiful, high end maternity, newborn and baby photography. I love to capture that precious time, the first weeks of your baby’s life when they are so tiny! Your baby will probably sleep more at this time than any other and so it’s the perfect opportunity to capture peaceful, dreamy images like those in my portfolio.

Newborn photography can be challenging and should only be undertaken by an experienced professional photographer who understands how to pose the baby safely and how to keep them comfortable and content. I pride myself in ensuring your baby’s safety is my top priority.

The best time to photograph your newborn baby is when they are between 5-9 days old to capture those cute curled-up sleepy images.

If they are a little older it’s not a problem, they are just more likely to be awake. However if they are older than 14 days then it’s not possible to achieve the curled up newborn poses you see on my website. This is because they will no longer be as flexible and are much more likely to be wide awake and having fun waving their arms and legs around! If your baby is older than 14 days then the next best time to have a photo shoot would be when they are 12 weeks old. I have examples in my portfolio of babies around that age.

I offer a Baby’s First Year Plan that includes 3 sessions . I also offer a Bump to First Year Plan – please take a look at my pricing for details.

Most photo sessions take place at my studio. However if you have had a C section or if you are not feeling great and would prefer to stay at home then it is possible for the shoot to take place at your home.

My lovely private studio was formerly a little 19th century hayloft and is situated in beautiful countryside at the edge of Wilstone village near Tring in Hertfordshire.

In the spring, the field next to my studio is full of baby lambs which often provides a bit of extra entertainment!

It is very peaceful and private and you are welcome to sit back and relax with a cuppa and a cookie while I rock your little one to sleep and keep them comfortable  and warm during the photo shoot. You will have the studio all to yourself. Unlike a noisy high street or city based studio you won’t have to sit and wait your turn with other clients. I feel that investing in family photography should be a special experience for your family and so I only ever shoot one photo session per day so that the day is focused on you with no other distractions. There will be no other clients in the building and no busy ‘teams’ of staff breathing down your neck.

I keep the studio very warm to ensure your little one is comfortable. I also keep a stock of spare nappies and wipes just in case you forget anything.

When you book a shoot I will send you full details on preparing for the shoot, what to bring and what to expect during the shoot.

Visits to the studio are by appointment only. Once you book I will give you the full address details, maps and directions. The postcode is HP23 4NZ.

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