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Hi! I’m Mikaela. I have both a huge passion for photography AND a strong desire to help women feel good about themselves.

So… Ms / Mr Camera-Shy, When was the last time you had a professional portrait taken? How does the thought of being photographed make you feel? Excited? Or breaking out in a nervous cold sweat!?

For many people, their last professional photos may have been taken at their wedding years ago.  Or maybe you’ve had the classic, awkward, unflattering headshot photo for work? 

If you think you’re not photogenic, believe me, you just hadn’t yet found the right photographer… but hey, you have now! 

Why do I feel so passionately that you should be photographed?

Years ago my lovely mum dragged a self-conscious 17 year old Mikaela and my little sister to the traditional high street studio in town (it was the 1980s… photo studios were feared for good reason). Mum didn’t get in front of the camera herself because she hated being photographed. All she wanted was some nice photos of her daughters.

How much more precious that photo would have been for me and my sister if she had existed in that photo with us, especially now that she is no longer with us.

I  hear this story often… women behind the camera, never in front. One day a loved one, maybe your children, will look for photos of you. What will they find? A couple of low-quality iphone pictures of you (but thousands of themselves and the dog)?

Isn’t it about time YOU existed in photos? Captured as you are now forever… for your children and your grandchildren.

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Mikaela x

A little whisper in your ear… I also offer Boudoir Photo Sessions

If you like the idea of a confidence building photoshoot that is a little sexier yet still tasteful and celebrates your body as it is now, then take a look at my boudoir photography website www.strictlyboudoir.co.uk


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