Baby James just 10 days old

Awwwwww! Just look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks! As you can probably guess,  I love my job 🙂

So this is 10 day old James, he was very patient with me and was happy to snooze through most of his photo session while I captured these cute images.

A note on baby safety – some of the photos you see in my galleries (including one of James below) are actually made up of two images. This is because newborns cannot support their heads unaided so with certain poses I or mum / dad will support their head and I edit out their hands afterwards during retouching process. I feel it’s important to mention this – and I will write a blog post about it soon – as I have heard of inexperienced amateur photographers copying poses without any knowledge of how to do so safely. For this reason it is absolutely essential that you book an experienced, professional newborn baby photographer for your newborn baby’s photo session!




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