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I wanted to share some before and after photos of my clients taken just before their make up and hair session and then afterwards to show you that they are everyday women… the girl next door, just like you and me. I wanted to show you that every woman is beautiful. Of course we don’t need to walk around with makeup and bouncy hair and a sequined evening dress to know that we are beautiful! But… isn’t it fun to be photographed at our most glamorous best? Why not honour yourself with a photograph showing the very best version of you to remind you that you are gorgeous both inside and out. 

Its important to me that you see you are beautiful without excessive airbrushing. In fact, during your photoshoot I am more than happy to show you a sneak preview on the back of my camera, to boost your confidence, so you can see right away that your are gorgeous without all that retouching! My before and after photos are taken on the same day… just a little makeup and soft lighting and the right poses make all the difference.

I retouch subtly, removing blemishes and anything you would prefer not to see and then enhance the image with different artistic methods to create my own style that give you that extra WOW factor.

Also take a look at my behind the scenes videos where you can watch snippets of clients photoshoots where I am guiding them in to beautiful poses that are the most flattering for them.

I even share some of my posing and lighting tips with you here! Just sign up below to receive my free mini guide on how to look good in photos when you don’t have me there to whisper in your ear!


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