Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot with Mikaela Morgan

Fancy a little look behind the scenes? If you have not had a photoshoot for many years you may not know what to expect and to be honest one photographer is not like another and we all have different ways of working. My photo studio is in a cosy Victorian barn conversion in Hertfordshire countryside. It is private and peaceful and my clients often comment on how relaxed they feel here and what a lovely space it is.

behind-the-scenes-makeover-photoshootSo what better way to show you a makeover photoshoot than with behind the scenes videos. You will see clients when they first arrive, no makeup, excited and also a little nervous ready for their hair and make up session. Then watch them transform as I guide them through their photoshoot and their confidence grows, not only looking but FEELING beautiful too.

This is Carli, a buy mum on her 30s juggling her family and her VA business.

Meet Kelly in the video below. You might get to meet Kelly when you have a photoshoot with me as she is one of my talented make up artists! Like Carli, Kelly is also a mum and a successful freelancer.

Also check out my Before and After photos from client’s makeover photoshoots