Yoga Poses – Elegant Black & White Photos of Indee Hot Yoga Students

OK so I’m squatting with my bum sticking out, balanced precariously on tiptoes, sweating profusely with my arms stretched out in front of me. My legs are starting to tremble, I’m trying not to wobble and I have to hold this pose for 60 whole seconds! Don’t worry this is not how I photograph my clients (though I have been known to adopt some funny shooting positions at times!) I’m at Indee Yoga studio, and I’m putting myself through 26 challenging hot yoga poses in 25 degrees heat.

Why do I engage in this insanity?

Because it works. It’s incredible. It sorts out body and mind and keeps me strong and flexible which is essential when I am photographing portrait clients as it’s quite a physical job.

Visually I find these yoga poses incredibly elegant. I saw a beauty and strength that I wanted to capture with my camera so I invited a couple of my fellow Indee Yoga students to my studio. We picked a few of the 26 poses and for me it just had to be low key, dark and dramatic! These ladies look so calm and graceful… you’d never guess just how much strength, balance, stamina and determination is involved in holding these poses! I can’t wait to see these images framed and on the wall at the Yoga studio.

Hot Hot Yoga Poses by Photographer Mikaela MorganI could do this for you too.

Whether you are a yoga bunny, a dancer or neither and simply want a set of beautiful portrait images to display on the wall I can design a shoot and create a incredible set of images to express who you are.

And if you’ve not tried hot yoga before this is why I have come back to it.

Years ago when I lived in Brighton, hot yoga poses transformed my body and lost an inch within 2 weeks – seriously. Not thin but just beautifully toned in a way I had never achieved before. And after each class I felt so refreshed and alive. I then moved 100 miles away to Hertfordshire and nobody had heard of hot yoga. So 10 years later I was jumping for joy when Lucy Toleman opened Indee Hot Yoga studio in my area. I make the effort to go to my hot yoga class 3 times a week if I can… I think of it as my long term health insurance… when I’m 90 I still want to be able to do the ‘Standing Bow’ (pictured top left above) and I certainly do not want to end up hunched over and dependent on other people to care for me. We don’t know what the future will hold for us but I am going to do my best to help myself as much as possible. And shouldn’t we all?

So this is Lucy, to whom I am eternally grateful for opening Indee Hot Yoga! I love her style of teaching. Some hot yoga classes are quite strict and a bit serious but Lucy’s classes are relaxed and its fine to fall over and even giggle – both of which I do often.

Portrait Photoshoot with Lucy Toleman of Indee Hot Yoga Hertfordshire near London

Lucy’s first introduction to Bikram Yoga was in Sydney Australia, her friend kept raving about it so Lucy purchased an Intro and went along. At first she absolutely hated it, couldn’t balance, had never sweated so much before and basically it hurt, everywhere! Not for her or so she thought… It took a break up to convince Lucy that she needed to give this another go, after all she wanted a revenge body and this seemed like a sure fired way to get it. With determination Lucy got the revenge body but a lot more, clarity of mind and a new zest for life kept her coming back for more!

If you live locally to Hemel Hempstead do check out Indee Yot Yoga studio situated in Old Hemel High Street.

Visit to find out more about the benefits of learning hot yoga poses and to sign up for a taster class.

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