Makeover Photoshoot – Over 50 Fashion & Style

Like most of my clients who book a makeover photoshoot with me Catherine was quite camera shy. As a woman over 50 she dreaded being in front of a camera. She felt that her photos often turned out to be unflattering and made her look older. She also happens to be a personal colour and style consultant. So she understands only too well how important self-image can be in terms of boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

makeover photoshoot

At one of her recent workshops I watched and photographed Catherine teach and transform her clients by picking out the perfect shades of colour for them. When the focus turns on us we can feel quite vulnerable. A colour and style consultation is an uplifting and sometimes emotional experience. Its like discovering who you were really meant to be all along! It can be a similar experience when you view your gorgeous photos for the very first time at my studio.

makeover photoshoot over 50s London & Hertfodshire

It’s so important to have professional headshot photos for your business

Catherine needed some photos for her business and says “In an age where we’re constantly looking in the social media mirror at ourselves and others, it’s never been more important to have at least a head and shoulders shot of ourselves – think social media platforms – especially if you, like me run a business.” We went outside for two of the outfits to take advantage of the beautiful rural setting that surrounds my studio. She totally rocks over 50 fashion with style and sass that in my 40s I envy!

Makeover photoshoot & Over 50 Fashion

Catherine’s Makeover Photoshoot

I was so happy that I could do this for Catherine. She spends so much of her time helping other women to feel more confident through how they dress and present themselves. And she does so with grace, warmth and a her friendly, gentle nature. It was high time Catherine had a pampering treat for a change!

over 60s makeover photoshoot

Having seen the results of her makeover photoshoot I have a sneaky feeling Catherine is no longer camera shy! She told me that her photos gave her a real boost and firmly believes that a great photo of yourself can boost your self esteem monumentally. She was even proud enough to show off her photos to others.

Catherine at work in her personal colour and style workshop

Here is Catherine at work with her clients in her gorgeous light and airy home studio. You can’t help but immediately relax as soon as you meet Catherine who is so welcoming. Just like my makeover photoshoots she can help you to see yourself in a new light!

Catherine Bruce Colour & Style Workshop - Photos by Mikaela Morgan

Click here to check out her website and also her blog post about her photoshoot experience

I really love photographing women of all ages. Don’t be shy! Have some fun at my studio – you can even bring your daughters or girlfriends –  and come away with photos you that will always make you smile. Ladies, life is for living. So many of us work hard and don’t nurture ourselves as much as we should. Let’s all start living a little (or preferably a lot!) have fun and learn to see ourselves for the beautiful humans we are both inside and out.

If you are interested in a makeover photoshoot like Catherine’s then call me on 01442 769303 for a friendly chat. Or fill in the contact form and I’ll get right back to you by email.

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