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Hey I'm Mikaela! I want to help you create beautiful and exciting images that light you up as much as they do me! I run a simple lighting workshop a few times a year. Plus I have boudoir and portrait trainings coming soon. Click the button to JOIN MY WAITLIST now! You'll be the first to know when my next online workshops are running. It doesn't matter if you're a keen amateur or a professional who is feeling stuck. All welcome!


my journey

I started my photography business back in 2005 shooting everything from weddings, families, babies and even ferrets... my clients loved their images. Yet I sometimes felt a little unfulfilled creatively. Something was missing. I think I was shooting everything for everyone but not really looking at what gave ME a buzz. I needed to 'niche'.


It was when I discovered boudoir photography that things initially changed massively for me. I found a small studio space, stopped shooting weddings and slowed my pace right down. No more 'crow control' at weddings and icky time pressures. Instead I was now shooting one person (calmly!) in my studio in one session, and really immersing myself in creating images that not only lit my client up, but ME too! I set up a separate website for my boudoir style - you can find that at strictlyboudoir.co.uk - while continuing to evolve my portrait style to the style I love that you see here on this website today.

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studio lighting

The thing is, when I first got my studio I was a natural light photographer and I was SCARED of studio flash. Horrible techie stuff I thought! All those switches, leads, beeps, popping sounds, stands and other paraphernalia. And how the hell do you control it all!?


BUT, to achieve the dynamic, dramatic lighting I craved, it meant pushing myself out of my comfort zone and finally learning how to use studio lighting. So I bit the bullet, taught myself to light and guess what... it wasn't that scary after all! I taught myself to get the best out of both available natural light and how to get creative with simple studio lighting. And it opened up a whole new exciting world of creativity. I would love to share my tips and insights with you.


Want to learn?

If you'd love to create images that light you up and but maybe you're feelig stuck and not confident about lighting, posing or both, click the button to JOIN MY WAITLIST . I'll see you on the other side!


PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Website will be updated with new photoshoot location details soon!