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I was bullied when I was a child for being too chubby. So the day of the photo shoot, I did not know what to expect and if I would be able to pose in front of a camera. But as soon as Mikaela picked me up from the train station, she made me feel at ease. She was encouraging, gave a lot of guidance and was really patient. Also the make-up artist did an amazing job. I have just seen the final pictures, they are stunning and I could not believe that I could actually look that good. It made it very hard to make a selection.

There are really no words to describe how beautiful the pictures are and what a wonderful day I had doing the photoshoot. Mikaela is incredibly talented and she gave me a big, big confidence boost. I would recommend this to every woman. No need to be nervous, anxious or worried.  She really takes care of every aspect and makes you feel at home from the first second till the last. Thank you Mikaela for this incredible, wonderful experience.

Dee Atkins

Mikaela is a MAGICIAN! I’m not a massive fan of having my photograph taken unless I have full control over everything. I have massive self confidence issues when it comes to pictures of myself but the photographs Mikaela took not only left me speechless and emotional but feeling beautiful and full of confidence. This whole shoot has helped me draw a line under the past and looking forward to being in front of a camera and feeling and looking good. Thank you so much, Mikaela.

Anna Foster

I’d never had any kind of photo shoot apart from those terrifying head shots you have to have for your work website, so I was a little nervous to have a makeover and portrait photoshoot.

Firstly Mikaela’s studio is gorgeous and she made me feel so comfortable as soon as I arrived. I had brought a few outfits and Mikaela got to work looking through those and coming up with ideas whilst I was pampered by a brilliant professional make up artist. I absolutely adored my hair and make-up, and once I’d changed into the first outfit, Mikaela led me through a series of poses – she showed me a few shots on her camera as we went along and I was stunned with what she achieved – I was totally blown away by the images she created, just with natural light.

It was a really enjoyable session, massively helped by Mikaela’s warmth and bubbly personality – and skill! I love the images she created – thank you Mikaela


I have always shied away from having my photo taken as I am rarely happy with the result. As a classical singer I needed a good, updated photo for publicity and programmes. I found Mikaela on the web, liked what I saw, so despite being some way from my home I decided to give her a try. I went with various evening/formal dresses, jewellery and nerves!

As soon as I arrived Mikaela put me at ease. My make up was applied and she started the shoot. Mikaela took photos in different dresses and poses to capture different moods, depending on whether I was to sing opera, lieder or take part in a less formal concert.

A few weeks later I went back to see the photos with my husband and was over the moon, as was he. I now have a range of wonderful photos for every occasion and feel confident to use every one of them. If I were to outline Mikaela’s skill, it is putting you at ease with her friendly approach, listening to exactly what you want and working hard to achieve it. She really cares about what she does. It is not just a job, it is a real service delivered with a passion for her art.

Iris Schooner

I am utterly in love with the portraits Mikaela took of me. My headshots look professional, approachable and ‘me’. We also took beauty/glamour portraits and they turned out so beautiful. I can highly recommend Mikaela. She made me feel at ease during the photoshoot, has a clear vision of what works and guided me perfectly through the poses and expressions. And she has a super fun and friendly personality as a bonus.

Sophie Nash

Having known Mikaela practically all my life, she invited me and a friend along to her gorgeous studio for a coming-of-age photoshoot to celebrate me turning 18 that week. I had such a lovely time with her and her amazing makeup artist-Amanda, who really listened to how I wanted to be styled and made me feel so glamorous. Not only that, but she taught me about the products she was using and why she was using them. Honestly, I’ve never felt so confident in my own skin!

Prior to the shoot, Mikaela gave me and my friend lots of advice on things to wear which would look great in the photos. After being pampered, my friend and I were photographed beautifully by Mikaela who made us feel comfortable and made us giggle! We had such a fun day with her, I couldn’t have asked for a better 18th birthday present. The photos she presented to us were absolutely stunning. She is so talented and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel confident and beautiful.


A group of friends wanted to get a meaningful and special birthday present for Claire’s 30’s birthday. A portrait photoshoot was something that Claire mentioned she would like to do and it would certainly be a meaningful present for celebrating a milestone moment of turning 30! We searched online and chose Mikaela Morgan Photography. We were attracted by the classy and artistic style of Mikaela’s photos but more importantly attracted by her testimony of making women seeing their own natural beauty and becoming more confident through photography.

The photo shoot experience was friendly and personable. We were given good guidance on what kind of outfit to choose and what to look out for in terms of the imagine that we’d like to portray before hand. On the day Mikaela and the makeup artist were extremely friendly making us feel relaxed and can be ourselves during the shoot. Mikaela is very good at providing guidance on the poses to make and finding the most flattering angles for each of us.

The results were AMAZING. We absolutely love our photos. They are stunning and elegant yet natural and authentic. We are very grateful to have found Mikaela and would not hesitate to recommend this experience to anyone.

Angie Litvinoff

I have been fortunate enough to have not just one but two photoshoots with Mikaela – I have loved the results so much, her fantastic empathy, beautiful use of lighting, flattering and artistic shots and also the fun it was in creating them. I highly recommed her wonderful professionalism, skill and talent, open heart and real knack of getting you to relax and be yourself. I loved being in the studio, what an amazing location – thank you Mikaela for memorable times and super photos.

Amanda McDermott

I had a fun morning with Mikaela taking lots of shots in different outfits, enabling me to choose the right ones for my businesses. Mikaela made me feel confident and relaxed throughout the session. She is very clear in her explanations of poses and very precise so that she can get the best shots even though she’s not dealing with professional models! I will definitely be recommending her to family, friends and colleagues.


I needed some portrait photos for work. I never feel I take a good photo so decided to get them done professionally and found Mikaela. The Make Up Artist was brilliant and I loved the result. Mikaela made me feel relaxed during the shoot and I really enjoyed the whole experience. She taught me how to pose and I was really pleased with the final results. Can recommend.

Chantal Mallet

I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster of a journey the last few years & have reached a bit of a turning point in my life & I wanted to mark the new me or maybe the return of the old me (?), well anyway… Chantal Mallett 2015. Mikaela had mentioned doing a shoot before & naturally, being camera shy, I had resisted but it suddenly felt like a really good & positive thing to do. So we made a date, I rocked up at Mikaela’s pretty, serene, studio space for what turned out to be a fabulous day.

So what can the non-model female population take away from my experience? That having a boudoir or portrait session is a positive, confidence boosting, fun experience & that a good pro-photographer like Mikaela Morgan really can make all of us look good & chill us out enough to get a great set of images. Suffice to say I am thrilled & looking pretty good for 42! Thank goodness I didn’t wait too much longer, as it’s not like any of us will be younger tomorrow! I highly recommend.

Lisa Bevan

Mikaela has the perfect blend of professionalism, experience and humour that makes everyone feel comfortable in her company. Mikaela has a unique ability to bring the best out in people which she captures in her fantastic work.

Mikaela is able to successfully adapt her skills and use her experience to fit a wide range of photographic genre’s, which has provided me with beautiful photographs for my business and my family. Working with Mikaela is a real pleasure and I constantly recommend her to all my friends, family and business associates.


Mikaela was great with our son and so patient! It was a lovely morning out. Mikaela made us feel very relaxed and being tired new parents offered us a coffee! The photos were fantastic and of high quality! Wouldn’t recommend any other photographer! Thank you so much Mikaela memories we will treasure forever.


PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Website will be updated with new photoshoot location details soon!