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How do you feel when you look at photos of yourself? 

Most people tell me they never look good photos and some cringe when they even look at photos of themselves. And that is such a shame. If you tend to run away from cameras (or resort to heavy retouching filters) then run no more…

I specialise in beautiful, unrushed, bespoke photo shoots for both men and women. When we feel awkward or nervous (or worse if the photogrpaher seems awkward / nervous / inexperienced) then that is the recipe for an underwhelming experience with medicore results and disappointment

This is why I like to spend quality time with you.. often a couple of hours connecting with you on a human level and helping to put you at ease. That coupled with my 18 years professional experience, absolute passion and dedication for my art means I’ll be able to bring out the very best in you! 

A little word to the women here….

I know both men and women can be camera shy. However, in my experience, women are the most vocal about feeling this way. Its not really surprising when you think about how women have been portrayed  in the media for pretty much the past century!  I’m a woman over 50 and so I completely understand how women want to look (and how they DON’T want to look). My clients just want to look NATURALLY beautiful. No over retouching, no changing body shape… no duck pouts! Just your beautiful soul shining through… imperfectly perect as you are.

Think you’re too ‘old’ to have a beautiful photograph or that you need to lose weight?

No matter what your age or size you deserve to look beautiful now. You are a unique individual. There is nobody like you. Right now you exist in this world and you are NOT defined by a number or a dress size. What better way to boost your confidence and get back in touch with who you really are, than to honour yourself with a beautiful portrait?

Don’t you deserve a little me-time? Enjoy a relaxing hair and make up session before your photoshoot

Its not only about the stunning images – the end result – its also about the experience, feeling beautiful, valued and taking time out for yourself. Let me know if you’d like to add to your photoshoot a session with a professional hair and makeup artist.

Though many clients have the shoot alone to take time out for themslves you would also be very welcome to bring family members, partners, friends.  You don’t need to worry about how to pose because I will guide you every step of the way into poses that are flattering and natural (not awkward!)

Nothing to wear?

When you book your photo session I will guide you on clothing that works for a photoshoot, with tips and ideas to help you look your best.

Tempted but still unsure or nervous?

1. Click here to read some client reviews – you will find them reassuring.

2. Send me an email with your questions using the Contact form. I normally respond within 24 hours.


PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Website will be updated with new photoshoot location details soon!